THE Business Development Event

for the nation’s leading commercial integration companies.

The CI Summit is an opportunity for executives from the industry’s largest and most progressive commercial integration companies to get together — to dive into technology and business trends, to share best practices — to move the industry forward. Enter the Summits.

The CI Summit sets off light bulbs. You’ll return to the office excited to implement, energized to excel and newly connected to peers and vendors who can help you improve your business.

 “I walked away with a good perspective of the direction of our industry and have incorporated products into our rotation that I was apprehensive about prior to the Summit.”


The Perks

If accepted for invitation to the event, guests receive complimentary event access, along with:


CE-CI Summit Web 259

Over the course of 2.5 days, approved guests are treated to stimulating general session content and roundtable discussions, networking events and quality meetings with the industry’s leading vendors.

Qualified attendees make technology decisions for their company. Their company averages $3.5 million or more in average annual revenue from commercial integration projects.