14 WFH Products Perfect for Fostering Productivity at Home

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Products from companies such as Crestron, Savant, Chief, Shure, BDI and Poly, are helping employees to efficiently work from home.

After more than a year into quarantining due to COVID-19, the federal government is now through the pressure of President Biden’s administration trying to get Americans back to work.

The government knows the best way to ensure the health of the economy is to make sure unemployment is low and consumers are spending money. Trying to get out in front of any disastrous effects that are the result of the pandemic, the Biden administration has asked that teachers get prioritized for vaccinations to allow parents at home with kids to return to the workforce.

Overlooked in the sudden rush to get Americans back working is one of the few benefits of the coronavirus, which the country—no make that the world learned—employees can productively work from home.

A recent story from Boston.com asks the question of what the workforce will look like once life has returns to some level of normalcy.

The story, while focusing on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, does, however hint at what may become the blueprint for the modern workforce going forward. Citing recent analysis from the management consulting group McKinsey & Company, the story notes that as much as 20% to 25% of the workforces in “advanced economies” could remain as work from home (WFH) employees three to five days a week.

Boston.com’s story goes on to point out these WFH estimates are four to five times higher than work from home numbers prior to COVID-19 quarantining.

WFH Products Help Employees Maximize Efficiency and Products

Facing the reality of more Americans permanently working from home whether it is a couple of days or full time, here are a variety of WFH products to make work from home easier.

As the WFH market grows and matures, it is natural to expect large retailers, including Staples, Best Buy and Amazon to dedicate resources to marketing WFH products. It’s likely the products these mass-market retailers will offer will likely range from traditional devices such as computers and printers, to basic routers, network switches, web cameras and paper shredders.

The custom installation industry through its ability to take WFH to the next level offers a much higher level of efficiency and productivity. Because of the industry’s ability to offer more personalized products, integrators have the ability to offer newer more ergonomically friendly solutions such as display mounts and standing desk components, as well as more powerful unified communications (UC) systems.

Taking a look at a selection of WFH products, here are 14 solutions to enhance homeowners’ work from home activities:

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