2021 Will Be Remembered as the Year the Electronic Security Industry…

*Originally published on Securitysales.com

As part of SSI’s 2021 Industry Forecast, we asked a baker’s dozen of security experts to predict what 2021 will be remembered for.

With the turbulent year that was 2020 behind us, it’s time to look ahead to 2021. As part of SSI‘s 2021 Industry Forecast, we asked a baker’s dozen of experts to finish the following sentence: 2021 will be remembered as the year the electronic security industry…

“… banished 2020 from our current lexicon. We must make 2020 a one-year aberration.” – Ric McCullough (PSA)

“… became a data-centric hotbed while it recovered from the COVID-19 downturn.” – Jeff Kessler (Imperial Capital)

“… experienced consolidation as it recovered from the effects of COVID-19 and saw greater acceptance of video analytics technology across all applications.” – Brian Wiser (Bosch)

“… had the highest-ever ISC West attendance in Las Vegas despite the heat, as security pros celebrated returning to pre-2020 normalcy.” – Clint Choate (SnapAV)

“…alarm clock went off early on conventional thinking on business models, suppliers and relationships.” – Paul Boucherle (Matterhorn Consulting)

“… evolved beyond pure security to supplying valuable operations and business intelligence to the benefit of the entire organization.” – Kichul Kim (Hanwha)

“… saw a significant decline in traditional alarm dealers, either through acquisition or migration, and moved to residential specialists and security integrators.” – Jamie Vos (ESA)

“… reset to catapult our focus on growth, stability, strong operational metrics and a renewed emphasis on serving our customers in good times and bad.” – Kirk MacDowell (MacGuard)

“… demonstrated remarkable agility, unparalleled innovation and great determination.” – Celia Besore (TMA)

“… experienced the biggest demand shock in history as in late 2021 businesses reopened en-masse driving huge security systems and services sales.” – Sean Foley (Interface)

“… fully embraced AI in the form of machine learning to meet the needs of customers in all market sectors.” – Charles Durant (Sandra Jones and Co.)

“… accelerated innovation and consolidation … and realized the importance of getting back to seeing each other at live trade show events.” – Fredrik Nilsson (Axis)

“… security and access management systems moved to the Cloud and became more connected than ever before.” – Jerry Burhans (ABLOY USA)