5 Ways to Connect With Customers During COVID-19

*Originally published on SecuritySales.com

Keeping in touch with your customers is more important than ever as we all learn how to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some helpful tips.

As some stay-at-home orders have been lifted throughout the country, restrictions are still in place and most states continue to follow social distancing guidelines in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

These are unprecedented times that are not only affecting us personally but professionally as well. Security dealers and technicians are looking for ways to communicate with customers — not only to maintain their businesses, but to also tell customers they still have access to this very necessary service.

To help, below are some proven tips that can help dealers effectively reach and engage with their customers throughout the year.

1. Create a Newsletter

A newsletter lets dealers simply and effectively communicate with customers. A dealer can go into more detail in a newsletter such as providing information that helps their customers better understand the current state of the security business. It is important to be transparent here and let customers know how a dealership is meeting state and federal guidelines.

This approach gives them increased confidence from knowing what they can expect from you. This can also be a place where you provide other relevant information and articles around the web that customers may find interesting and helpful.

2. Make a Video

Start with a single video or if the dealer is so inspired, they can develop a complete series. Videos are a compelling way show the latest products. They can be used to demonstrate social distancing installation techniques and new security technology advantages. Video is a fun medium and dealers are encouraged to get creative. Plus, customers will better remember a dealer and their personality!

3. Call Your Customer

Placing a traditional phone call in this digital age is many times forgotten. A personal phone call can be one of the best ways to connect with people. In real time, dealers are able to get immediate feedback and also let customers know they remain top-of-mind. The call can be used to simply check-in or to ask if they are ready for an upgrade.

4. Social Media Updates

Social media is a great outlet for dealers. It allows them to share not only what’s new with their business, but can be used to post other valuable information as well. The type of content that gets noticed most often is information that is helpful to customers. Dealers know their communities best so they should utilize the social platforms most frequently used by their local area customers such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and LinkedIn.

5. Direct Mail Campaigns

A traditional direct mail piece might just be the ticket for some customers. Because people are spending more time at home now, they may be taking more time to read information mailed to them. With a little pre-planning, a dealer’s direct mail campaign message could quite literally be in the hands of their customers within a week. It is important to keep the messaging simple and straightforward so customers know how to respond.

While these certainly are not the only ways to reach customers, they are a good starting point to brainstorm different methods to connect and communicate, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. 2GIG has more tips about how to reach customers and sell its security products online.

The critical thing right now is that dealers and their customers continue to stay healthy. The good news is that while we are social distancing, there are proven tactics that can be employed to maintain an active security business. Security is an essential service that is still in high demand helping people to keep their properties and loved ones safe.