D-Tools, ProjX360 API Integration to Launch July 25

The integration allows users to seamlessly manage projects between the two platforms.

D-Tools and ProjX360 have completed an API integration that will simplify project management for system integrators.

The arrangement between Total Tech Summit sponsors, initially announced last year, links ProjX360’s cloud-based Sales CRM and Project Management software with D-Tools’ System Integrator (SI) estimation, system design and project management platform.

The ProjX360 software was on display at the 2016 Total Tech Summit.
The ProjX360 software was on display at the 2016 Total Tech Summit.

Users can work sales prospects in ProjX360, then push that prospect information into D-Tools to create the proposal. After that proposal is approved by the customer, the user then can push it back into ProjX360 for project management. D-Tools users can also slide their product database to ProjX360.

The smooth flow of information means integrators can confidently manage every aspect of a project from initial client contact through post-install service without having to enter information multiple times. The integration will help streamline operations, standardize processes and reduce redundancies.

“I am excited to have this partnership with D-Tools and believe having our solutions integrate with each other will give system integrators more options and streamline their processes,” says ProjX360 founder and CEO Doug Greenwald. “Our goal is to help bring a standardization to the CI industry and help make the integrators’ jobs easier and more efficient.”

“The integration with ProjX360 gives integrators options for how they manage their business while ensuring that critical project information maintains its integrity throughout the project lifecycle,” adds D-Tools CEO Randy Stearns. “Enabling integrators to work within an ecosystem of complementary software platforms gives them the freedom of choice while improving operating efficiencies and delivering better results for their customers.”

The API integration will be available beginning on July 25.

For guidance on using the integration, click here.