First-Time Total Tech Summit Sponsors Excited for Guest Engagements

SentryNet, Starke Sound and TrendNet are among the sponsors making their event debut looking to offer guests new solutions.

The 2017 Total Tech Summit will include all the components that make it one of the most beneficial events of the year for integrators – high-quality vendor engagements, thought-provoking educational content and networking opportunities with peers from around the country.

While those features are constants at every Summit, some of the elements do change. Each year, new companies join the event to offer the latest technologies and business opportunities to attendees.

Here are just a few of the new companies that will be making their Total Tech Summit debut this year, looking to realize ROI for not only themselves, but guests, as well.


SentryNet is a leader in wholesale central station monitoring services with more than 700 independent alarm dealers across the U.S. and Canada. At the Total Tech Summit, the company not only will be presenting its array of services, but also will highlight a couple of new developments.

SentryNet is embracing the self-install security system with its new SWARM Secure product.
SentryNet is embracing the self-install security system with its new SWARM Secure product.

SentryNet recently partnered with idRESTORE 360, a fully managed ID restoration and monitoring company, to offer a new source of RMR to independent alarm installers. It also just launched a self-installed smart home security system, called SWARM Secure, for dealers to market.

“I think it sets us apart from others offering this type of service,” says SentryNet sales representative Mike Wardlow. “Unlike some of the competitors who do a self-install system, they eliminate that independent security dealer. We embrace it and invite that person into that marketplace to help them be a part of it and keep that customer for different programs and devices you can add to that sort of home security system.”

Wardlow believes the Total Tech Summit is an opportunity for his company to grow in multiple ways.

“It’s an event that brings together a lot of veterans in the industry, who have seen and gone through changes in the past, and we get to show them what we can bring to the table and also get their input as to what can help them be successful,” he says. “Even if they don’t decide to go with SentryNet, we can then take that same type of advice and expertise to the dealers that currently are with SentryNet that do want to grow with us.”

Starke Sound

Starke Sound is not a new company, but it is finally making a play in North America. It was founded in 2009, but its business mainly had been focused on Europe and Asia until last year, with executives deciding to wait until they had a full line of speakers before turning to the U.S. and Canadian markets.

Starke Sound now is breaking into the North American market with a full line of high-quality speakers.
Starke Sound now is breaking into the North American market with a full line of high-quality speakers.

Now that Starke is trying to establish itself here, leaders believe the Total Tech Summit provides them the platform to do that. The ability to target and have guaranteed meetings with some of the top 100 integrators with whom they are trying to connect presents a huge opportunity.

“For us to be able to choose those individuals that we want to meet with, I can’t ask for more,” says Starke Sound sales director Desmond Fretz. “And, to have 15-minute, face-to-face meetings with those individuals who are interested in seeing what we can offer and who we want to communicate our value proposition to is just ideal.”

Fretz says there is a need in the market to end the compromise between extreme dynamics which are required for home theater and audiophile music sound quality. So, Starke’s engineers designed speakers that are able to excel in both.

“One of our key elements of value is that state-of-the-art sound quality is the foundation of home entertainment,” states Fretz. “Without that, everything else is less than it could be. We try and demonstrate with a great image, but the sound quality is what makes that experience complete.”


Many security and IT integrators are familiar with TRENDnet, largely for its switches. The company has a large breadth of categories, from unmanaged switches to industrial switches to managed switches. It also recently launched a new product category – the EdgeSmart Series switches, designed with only the most commonly used managed switch features to reduce switch complexity.

TRENDnet's new EdgeSmart Series is designed to reduce switch complexity.
TRENDnet’s new EdgeSmart Series is designed to reduce switch complexity.

Additionally, TRENDnet is known for its IP cameras. Currently, it is offering a four-megapixel camera with varifocal lens, a five-megapixel is just around the corner and there are already plans to come out with an eight-megapixel option in the future.

“It’s a wide range of networking and surveillance solutions that we have, so if you own a business, you’re going to use one of our products, whether it’s a router, a switch and outdoor access point,” says TRENDnet senior marketing manager Emily Chae. “It could be anything. But, if you have a business, you’re going to have a network and you’re going to need one of our products.”

Though TRENDnet already has established itself with security and IT integrators, the company is hoping to expand its reach with AV integrators. Representatives know many of them are involved in other areas, like security, where TRENDnet’s products would fit for them. By turning to the Total Tech Summit, Chae hopes she can show some of those AV integrators how her company also can benefit them.

“It’s just a different kind of event than what we usually do,” says Chae. “When we have a booth at an event, we get other people to come to us. We’re doing all the outreach to try to get people. Whereas, with the Total Tech Summit, we’re guaranteed to meet with integrators that we feel give us the best opportunity to grow together. I think that’s the most important part for us.”