[FREE DOWNLOAD] An Integrator’s Guide to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has changed so much of what we do and who we are. As working from home and social distancing become the new norm, we have had to learn to adapt. Instead of in-person meetings with customers we now video chat and instead of working in an office with our colleagues, we now work from our homes. This leaves us feeling anxious, isolated, and uncertain about the future again of us. How will we keep our loved ones, employees, and our businesses safe during this seemingly never-ending pandemic?

In this new whitepaper from CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, Security Sales & Integration, and Total Tech Summit we have pulled together our best facts, advice, and know-how to help you get through this. We break down everything from keeping your employees safe with a Coronavirus checklist to what exactly an ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker’ means to how to help your team work remotely and efficiently. Security, Custom/Residential, and Commercial integrators alike will find useful and helpful information within these pages.

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