Information, Advice & Inspiration Abound for Top Integrator Guests of 2019 CE Pro Summit

General sessions, boardroom presentations and meetings with top vendors of residential and light commercial technologies will help the biggest and best custom integrators grow and improve!

More than 120 leaders in custom integration will gather in Fort Worth, TX this November as hosted guests of the 12th annual CE Pro Summit. They’ll take in a line of up informative and inspiring general sessions, 35-minute boardroom presentations from leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers and more than a dozen scheduled one-on-one meetings to determine how to power their superb companies forward in a robust and increasingly competitive market.
General Sessions include:

Processes Improvement Roundtable — The Profit Booster Session
Comprehensive process definition, development and refinement is one of the clear keys to improving and scaling all types of integration companies. In this roundtable session, you’ll collaborate with peers in your integration discipline to workshop improvements in a key process area, then join with peers in a sister discipline to get additional perspective and offer your perspectives on process improvements they developed. Hopefully, it’s the start of deep collaboration with your peers that will persist long after the Summit concludes and generate many process improvements. Process areas you’ll select from include labor management, project management, sales/design/production integration, sales/marketing integration, cybersecurity and privacy, proposals and bids, estimating, scheduling, pricing, customer care, training and cross-training, prospecting, finance and securing credit, insurance and legal, inventory management and working with builders and other trade partners.

Keynote Session — The Future of Residential & Commercial Technology
Technology, platforms and end-user demand are changing rapidly, signaling an era of huge opportunity and threat for integrators in 2020 and beyond. Hear how AI, IoT, 5G, cyber security/privacy and more will transform the integration business whether it be A/V, control, security or networking and residences or commercial/institutional/industrial buildings.

Breakfast Session — Recurring Revenue & Service: No More Excuses, No More Exceptions
The days of gentle talks and mild admonishments are past. With a growing ecosystem of cloud-connected products and wholesale service providers in place and hundreds of custom integrators across the country pioneering mandatory service agreements, system monitoring and managed services, there’s no excuse for your company not making service and recurring revenue a part of every new project. In this session, you’ll learn from your peers who are leading the way and get the tips and strategies that will help you get your game on fast!

Luncheon Session — Emerging Opportunities in Energy, Lighting & Electrical
For decades, custom integration has been characterized as one of the “low voltage trades,” but is that the case today? A growing number of integrators are seizing opportunities in the line voltage world—lighting fixtures, solar power, energy storage and power distribution, energy monitoring and management are increasingly part of the custom integration message. You’ll hear from peers who are successfully adding these products, covering topics like hiring, training, licensing, side benefits to the traditional low voltage side of the business, advantages in winning builder business and more.

Breakfast Session — Becoming a Healthy Home Integrator
Not every homeowner wants their home to be smart or connected or filled with high-end AV, but all except the most self-destructive want a healthy home–a home that delivers indoor air quality; water quality; proper temperatures and humidity; lighting that supports circadian rhythms; means of healthy food storage and preparation; means of inhibiting germs, molds and other biological toxins; music and other media that support emotional and intellectual well-being; independent living; fitness; sleep; mindfulness; biophilic design and sounds, sights, smells and digital simulations of nature. This session will tackle the trends and opportunities and showcase some of the new products you can add to your mix or otherwise represent so you can build a business model around health and wellness.


Companies providing boardroom presentations to CE Pro guests include:

  • ABB
  • Audio Control
  • Bose
  • DISH Network
  • Dynaudio
  • Focal/Vicoustic
  • Lenbrook Americas
  • Liberty AV Solutions
  • Nortek Security & Control
  • Paradigm Electronics
  • Samsung Electronics
  • Savant Systems
  • Simply Reliable
  • SnapAV
  • Starin Marketing
  • Tigerpaw Software
  • URC
  • Vertical Cable

Additional companies meeting with CE Pro guests include:

  • Access Networks
  • Altronix
  • AvantGuard Monitoring Centers
  • Channel Vision Technology
  • Cyclo Vac
  • Datacomm Electronics
  • Future Ready Solutions
  • Insteon
  • Leon Speakers
  • Lumenilaire
  • Metra Electronics
  • Modus VR
  • OneVision
  • Parasol
  • Platinum Tools
  • Primex
  • ProjX360
  • ProSource
  • Screen Innovations
  • Smoothtalker
  • Vanco
  • Wireworld Cable Technology


CE Pro guests and sponsors will be joined by 200+ top commercial AV and security integrators and their suppliers who participate in the Commercial Integrator and Security Sales & Integration segments of Total Tech.

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