Insteon Turns to Total Tech Summit to Reach New Audiences

The company hopes to feature a new online training program and product enhancements at the event to help grow its installer base.

Home automation company Insteon has sponsored several TecHome Builder Summits, so executives there recognize the value of the hosted style event format. Now, the company is adding the Total Tech Summit to its portfolio.

Insteon is hoping to roll out new advancements at this year’s Summit, taking place Nov. 1-3 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. One of the highlights the company will be featuring is a new online training program that will be launched in the fall.

The idea is to give installers a chance to become Insteon certified, with the ability to earn greater discounts with the more training they undergo. The company will offer a 101 and 201 class, along with skill trainings that include a series of short videos about a specific product and how it is used in the field. The installers then can display their certification level on their websites to show customers how well versed they are with the products.

“I think the culmination of having people complete our 101 and 201 class, and having them work their way up in competency with Insteon, is not only going to help them to be really good at a phenomenal technology, but allow us to reach out to an audience that maybe we hadn’t touched before,” says Insteon’s VP of integrator sales, Steve Lee.

Insteon is turning to the Total Tech Summit to reintroduce installers to what the company already has and what's to come in the future.
Insteon is turning to the Total Tech Summit to reintroduce installers to what the company already has and what’s to come in the future.

Lee believes finding those new installers is a big part of taking his business to the next level, and attending an event like the Total Tech Summit provides him an exciting opportunity to get the installer base he’s looking for.

He says company leaders really want to focus on what its core products are and what it can be world class at, and the Total Tech Summit is a great outlet to reintroduce people to what Insteon already has and what’s still to come, like software updates and product enhancements.

“There’s nothing like having the ability to sit one-on-one with somebody, not only to be able to tell them about what we can do, but also to be able to hear what they want,” says Lee.

“So, it’s not so much about us saying, ‘we’ve got everything you need, do it our way.’ We want to hear from these installers and people at these Summits what it is they’re looking for because getting that feedback ultimately helps us make a better product. So, those are really important. And, sometimes with all the noise at other shows, trying to gather that from somebody really gets lost. To be able to have those one-on-one talks at the Total Tech Summit is really helpful.”