Integrator of the Month: Brinton Security Services

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Each month SSI highlights one of the security industry’s most progressive integrators that has attended the SSI Summit. This month is Brinton Security Services.


I began in the security industry more than eight years ago and find the business fascinating. I particularly enjoy watching and learning about the constant evolution of technology and how the alarm industry aligns and adjusts to technology with the day-to-day needs of the consumer. I most enjoy building relationships with our residential and commercial customers — customizing options to fit their individual needs, making their lives easier, more manageable and safer.


  1. Manpower: Securing qualified and dedicated employees can be difficult. We consistently run employment advertisements in our local area trying to find new team members.
  2. Time/Training: Keeping up with our work volume and finding appropriate time to properly train both office staff and technicians has been difficult, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been attempting to take more online courses and webinars, but have been lacking on more hands-on training.
  3. Constant environment change: With COVID-19 and the main cities in our area shut down, workflow was disrupted slightly and we had to adjust with the changes. Now that restrictions have eased, everyone seems to be rushing to get things finished causing a small backlog in our scheduling. We have had to adjust schedules more frequently to accommodate those needs.


  1. Commercial Fire Monitoring: We have had a great opportunity to expand in our area to take over and provide new fire alarm systems. This has made the start of this year the best in our company history! Along with this has come annual fire inspection agreements and an increase of fire alarm work. Market trends show that this is one of the most profitable markets, and we can easily see why.
  2. Increased Need Due to Pandemic: We’ve had an increase in inquiries for residential monitored alarm systems since the pandemic. Although the pandemic is by no means a positive situation, it has provided us the opportunity to reach out to new potential customers who previously might have had no interest or taken the time to inquire about security options.
  3. SaaS Model: We have always provided monitored alarms, cameras, door access, and more. With the way technology has advanced, we are able to get RMR from all of these system types versus traditionally only the alarms and fire systems. Being able to tie RMR to all of the products we offer opens a great window of opportunity and really helps us keep a low attrition rate with our accounts.