Integrator of the Month: Cam-Tek Systems

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Each month SSI highlights one of the security industry’s most progressive integrators that has attended the SSI Summit. This month is Cam-Tek Systems.


After joining Cam-Tek Systems in 2013 as an onsite technician, my passion for IT helped me become the company’s systems administrator. In addition to project managing medium- to large-scale deployments, I leveraged being an associate within a small company to venture into new accounts acquisition.

Under my leadership, Cam-Tek has expanded clientele significantly by focusing on public safety and we now service four school districts, three universities and five municipalities. What I really enjoy about this industry is the ever-changing technology — both hardware and software.

It’s incredible to look back only a few short years ago and think how far we’ve come. In turn, this lends to using those developments to meet the needs and anticipate future needs of our clients. (Tadich earned degrees from Dickinson College and Shippensburg University, certifications from Axis Communications and Milestone Systems, and has participated in several active-shooter emergency response training courses.)


  1. Customer service: We provide top-tier customer service and quick response times.
  2. No phone queues: When you call, the technician who worked on your problem answers and can provide detailed information about your system.
  3. Ability to change: Being a small company, we can implement quick changes — from deploying new technology to updating the work schedule.


  1. New wireless technologies, specifically for point-to-point or mesh networks.
  2. Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies.
  3. Incorporating the first two elements above into our downtown security solutions for existing and future customers.