Integrator of the Month: Fultech Solutions

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Each month SSI highlights one of the security industry’s most progressive integrators that have participated in the SSI Summit. This month is Fultech Solutions.

his department spotlights some of the security industry’s most progressive integrators that have participated in the SSI Summit. This exclusive, invitation-only event is held annually in conjunction with the Total Tech Summit, which includes hundreds more integrators from the residential and commercial A/V fields.

This month, SSI hears from Fultech Solutions CEO & Founder Dan Fulmer.

Dan Fulmer


Studied computer science and engineering at UCF, receiving a B.S. in 1996. Started FulTech Solutions in 1996 as a full-service home automation systems provider. Served on the Consumer Technology Board (CTA) since 2000 and was vice chairman, then chairman of the CTA Smart Home Division Board for a four-year term.

Instrumental in developing the CTA Cybersecurity for the Smart Home white paper and online tool. The security business allows us to provide safety and comfort to our clients, and the expanding options and devices we sell and install gives more opportunities to make lives more secure, convenient and fun.


1. Hiring qualified technicians. Since 2008 this has been a real issue. Either skills are limited and heavy training is required or there are work ethic issues, like showing up on time. I see this as a core issue facing our industry today.

2. Economic uncertainty. Markets tend to stifle when the future is somewhat unknown.

3. The pandemic. This has already had a significant effect on things and closed portions of the economy, which flows through to other areas and so on. Due to the uncertain times ahead, I think this will be a trying time and has the potential for small boom and bust.


1. More alarm panel-based smart home options. Aside from home audio/video this has helped to lower the cost of many smart home options such as HVAC, lighting, door locks and more.

2. Advent of mesh networked devices. I see this as a large boon to the industry and will allow even more devices to be connected to the systems.

3. 5G. This could also be a boon for the industry, allowing for even more devices to be connected, without wires. However, the subscription component of 5G cell services could delay its ultimate full adoption.


At FulTech we strive to provide the best in customer service, which includes:

1. Attention to training our customers on the proper use of their systems.

2. Providing continued support over the term monitored and upgrade paths for new options and services.

3. Being clean, courteous and honest with our customers about options available to them.

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