iPoint Impressed By Results from First Total Tech Summit

As a result of sponsoring the Total Tech Summit, integrators now understand what the company is and what it does. That already has led to results.

Brian Good went into his inaugural Total Tech Summit in November optimistic about the potential of the event’s hosted guest format. With guaranteed meetings with dozens of the 350 carefully vetted integrators in attendance, iPoint’s vice president of sales and marketing was hopeful about the prospects of being able to expand his company’s customer base.

He realized quickly the opportunity to do that was there.

“I didn’t know what to expect from the Summit," says Good. "But, with the number of stop-bys, and the sheer volume of interactions we’ve had, it’s been amazing.”
“I didn’t know what to expect from the Summit,” says Good. “But, with the number of stop-bys, and the sheer volume of interactions we’ve had, it’s been amazing.”

“Most of the people we met with had heard of iPoint, but didn’t really know what it is,” Good says. “They’ve heard good things about us and our platform, but wanted to dig a bit deeper. So, through the boardroom presentations and one-on-ones, we were able to have that better, more detail-oriented, entry-level conversation.”

The event format allowed Good to explain to the guests what iPoint is and how it can help them improve their operations. The company’s platform is designed to make audio/video companies run better, with a toolset that allows integrators to manage operations, create efficiencies and help them compete more effectively.

“Fifteen minutes is enough to show you essentially what we do and to check the boxes, so we can see if it’s something that’s interesting to them,” Good adds. “Then, we can find more time later to dig deep.”

Good says the reception to iPoint’s solutions at the Total Tech Summit was amazing and that those with whom he met were very receptive and interested in the benefits his company could offer them. Based on his initial impressions from those guests, he knew the weeks ahead were going to be fruitful.

“I’m going to be really, really busy for the next couple of months. And, I think that’s a good thing. There’s definitely been some good lead opportunities here.”

Because the event hosted upper-level management and ownership-type guests who were key decision-makers within their companies, Good says the format of the event was very effective. He calls the experience a great introduction to the Summit, and it’s already paying dividends.

“We have brought on several new community members that we met at the Total Tech Summit and were able to start many more relationships that I know will be very valuable going forward,” Good says. “This was a great event that we got a lot of value from and are looking forward to participating in again going forward.”