Is the Increase in Virtual Meetings Helping People Improve Time Management?

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Everywhere Experiences survey shows how companies are adapting to the digital transformation journey triggered by COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone is being invited to a lot more Zoom meetings than ever before these days and that means figuring out a way to better manage your already-busy schedule.

About one-third of those who responded to the recent Everywhere Experiences survey say the increase in online events and meetings since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the U.S. and around the world has improved their time management skills.

Zensar, a digital solutions company specializing in “helping organizations on their digital transformation journey,” recently announced the results of the Everywhere Experiences survey on the impact COVID-19 has had on both in-person and online events and experiences.

According to the findings for the Everywhere Experiences survey:

  • 93% of people think the greatest appeal of virtual events is networking
  • 90.1% of respondents say that the convenience of digital events has made it easier for them to attend
  • 71.8% of those surveyed say training and skills development is the leading reason to attend a virtual event or experience
  • 32% of the respondents indicated that online events enable better time management
  • 25% of the survey participants cited the ability to attend more events as a key reason for their popularity

“The corporate world has been the epicenter of new ways of working, connecting, innovative ideas as we all learnt to embrace digital more than ever before,” said Sandeep Kishore, CEO and managing director of Zensar.

“Virtual events have gone from an experiment to a strategic decision to network, learn, impart knowledge and discover new avenues. Our survey is very timely as I see some of the takeaways in line with our thinking on how companies will design internal and external events in the future,” he said.

Inside Everywhere Experience Survey Results

Speaking for myself, I’ve had some trouble juggling the increase in online events as manufacturers, integrators and AV associations are all doing their own thing and trying to educate and help their members and partners navigate the uncertainty that’s come with the pandemic.

There have always been a lot of events on the annual AV calendar but it seems like the fact we now all know how to use Zoom and other collaboration platforms has turned a lot of what used to be emails into video conferences that have lasted far too long.

I try to limit myself to one (or two) per day.

I guess, in some ways, that’s improved my time management skills, but it always feels like there are so many events in a given week that it’s necessary to cherry-pick a bit and tune in for part of each of them rather than being able to get the full experience of any of them. Thank goodness for on-demand replays!

How do others feel about their time management with a flurry of online events and experiences? Are you better at juggling the non-stop calendar invitations and maximizing your time at each event or do you find yourself looking at your watch hoping you won’t have to bail early to make your next gig?

The more I think about it, that sounds a lot like every in-person trade show experience I’ve had since I joined CI almost 10 years ago so maybe I’m doing all right after all.