Is Vehicle Control Becoming the Key to Access Control?

As supply chain issues continue to reduce vehicle sales, the fact is there are well over a billion automobiles around the world and seven out of 10 employees use their car to get to work (INSEE report).

Despite being attached to most office buildings, parking lots are often overlooked when devising an access control security plan. Securing this first point of entry for facilities is crucial for a variety of reasons:

Protecting users: An unsecured lot can make it easier to break into the adjacent structure or vandalize the area. Identifying both drivers and vehicles is important to a comprehensive access solution. Easy-to-use mobile IDs also help with motorcycles that don’t have front license plates for identification.

Convenience and quick access: As the saying goes, “time is money.” Ticketing systems or short-range readers require drivers to come to a complete stop, take a ticket or find a badge, often causing delays and long lines spilling into neighboring roads.

Simplify management and reduce costs: Dealing with unauthorized and/or abandoned vehicles can be a major issue, causing safety concerns, taking up valuable parking spots and contributing to blight.

A mismanaged parking lot and vehicle access can lead to an end user’s building (or your own company) being vulnerable to a security breach. Ensuring entry and exit fluidity is also crucial.

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Technology that combines UHF and Bluetooth can solve both issues. To truly address today’s need for fleet management and be ready for tomorrow’s solutions, quickly identifying both the vehicles and drivers entering car parks is key.

New Tech: STid SPECTRE nano

What is an example of a solution that can address vehicle access control? Compact yet rugged, the SPECTRE nano combines Bluetooth with UHF for dual identification of both drivers and vehicles. STid’s Mobile ID with one-tap smart-phone access allows managers to digitize all access badges/cards and send them to an app for employees and visitors.

Industry-leading data encryption and authentication prevents duplicating or emulating an authorized credential. The product is said to complement the SPECTRE scalable long-range reader with UHF tags for longer-range (20 meters) identification of vehicles and multilane applications.

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