Military Veterans Have Plenty to Offer in AV Even Without Technical Training

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Project management is just one of the AV integration jobs that’s perfect for someone with a military background, even with no AV skills.

I’m not sure of the number, but a large percentage of those who’ve found their way into AV careers spent some time serving their countries in the military beforehand. I’m guessing it’s fewer than those who were in bands before AV but it’s certainly increasing in recent years.

And that’s a great thing. One thing I learned from putting together our two-part series this month on the transition from a stint in the military to a career in AV is a lot of the skills are transferrable, if not exactly the same, when it comes to what someone needs to be successful in both areas.

Military service is built largely around discipline and those who don’t follow orders put themselves or those around them in jeopardy.

If an AV integrators doesn’t install technology correctly, the customer could lose business as a result and certainly would never call on that integrator to help them again.

While that’s not exactly life-and-death, enough shortcuts by an integrator could lead to the end of what was once a successful business.

Process is another element that seems to have a home in both the military and AV integration.

There’s an order for things when you’re a platoon following orders from your leaders and there are steps that need to be followed when installing a system if it’s going to work right every time.

What Military Vets Bring to AV

It’s great to see AV integrators including Diversified with programs that help military veterans at the end of their service train for AV integration jobs and other careers that dovetail so nicely with what they’ve been doing during their stints representing their countries.

And, AV integrators don’t need to only target those soldiers who worked in IT or communications during their military tenures to find a way to throw a life preserver to a vet who’s looking for work.

If they come out of the service with discipline and an understanding of process, they can learn the rest.

In fact, AVI-SPL’s Alberto Ayulo pointed out that those two things are exactly what it takes to be a good project manager.

Sure, there are jobs where a technical background and proficiency is necessary but being a good leader doesn’t come from a study of AV so don’t focus on that in your open AV integration jobs.

Thank a veteran by filling one or more of your open positions with one today.