[NEW REPORT] The 2020 CE Pro Mid-Year Market Report

With people stuck inside and putting more thought into their homes, more and more are adding in things they would have considered luxuries before. Where once adding home entertainment, networking systems, or security systems were considered a dream priority, people have turned to see them as necessities. Not only that but new construction is on the rise and integrators in those areas are reaping the benefits. In a recent study from CE Pro, we found that custom residential integrators saw a 9.4% growth in the first half of 2020, which has some of us wondering, “What pandemic”?

But there hasn’t been a silver lining during this pandemic for everyone. Those who were less prepared or had a larger part of their portfolio attributed to commercial offices, bars, restaurants, and hotels have been hit disproportionally harder. In the CE Pro Mid-Year Market Report we dive headfirst into the data to give you true insight into how the custom residential market is really doing during these trying times.

Download your copy today to see:

  • Comprehensive data
  • Which installation categories are growing fastest
  • Our insights of the future of the channel
  • And more!

CE Pro Mid-Year Report