New Sponsor Uses Summit for Key Dealer Introductions

First-Time Summit participant JLM Wholesale eyed the event’s guest list and guaranteed interactions in opting for smart and strategic investments.

Guests of the Total Tech Summit get to meet with representatives of some of the leading vendors from within the industry and connect with them on more intimate levels than at any other event. Every year brings back many of the recognizable sponsors attendees know and love, but also features a wide variety of new companies allowing guests the opportunity to explore new ways of expanding their product mix.

Among those new sponsors at the 2018 Summit was JLM Wholesale. The security door hardware wholesaler was looking to introduce itself to a set of new potential customers. Company leaders decided to invest in the opportunity of the Summit because of the potential of meeting with a known group of guests in a structured format.

“We learned of the Total Tech Summit at another industry event,” explains JLM national sales manager Leigh Ann Page. “We hadn’t heard of it before that. So, we did some research on the type of companies that come in here to make sure it would be beneficial for us. And, we decided to give it a shot. We really didn’t have anything else to go on aside from the attendees list.”

But, that was enough for Page to want to explore the potential of the event. And, it paid off. She says her interactions there allowed her and the JLM team to meet with a multitude of new commercial integrators who focus on access control.

“Most of them did not know who we were,” she says. “We wanted them to know what sets us apart from our competition. We have inside sales technicians who are experts on hardware application and troubleshooting. If you can send us a picture, we will create a solution for you.”

Those solutions include things like electric strikes, maglocks, power supplies and power transfers. Page was able to showcase those products and her company through a set of one-on-one meetings and a boardroom presentation to a small group of guests at the Summit – experiences she wasn’t able to find at other shows.

Those conversations gave her many credible leads which she is taking back to her office for personal follow-up. Then, she will distribute them to her sales reps in their regions.

“This was an experience like no other,” Page says. “We have never done a boardroom in front of multiple companies at one time before, so that was interesting. But, we absolutely love the structure of the event and the way we have the one-on-one appointments instead of having to chase people down the aisle trying to bring them into our booth. The conversations have flowed very smoothly. It’s been a good experience. We’ll be back next year.”