NSCA Releases 2022 Integrator Compensation & Benefits Report

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — NSCA, a not-for-profit association representing the commercial integration industry, has released its 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report. The report is based on data gathered from systems integrators all across North America.

The report tracks and benchmarks compensation and benefits data for a variety of key positions within the industry. Those roles include, for example, technical, non-technical and C-suite positions. The Compensation & Benefits Report is in its seventh iteration.

Compensation & Benefits Report Spans Sizes, Regions

Systems integration firms of all sizes and across all regions responded to a survey that collected information about company background, staffing levels, employee benefits, compensation, travel reimbursement and salary increases. All that survey data, thus, informed the development of the 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report.

“NSCA’s sought-after Compensation & Benefits Report is the industry’s only resource for making informed business decisions about employee salary and benefits packages,” says NSCA Executive Director Tom LeBlanc. He cites large talent gaps as a key factor in the macro environment. LeBlanc continues, “…[I]t’s vital to make important decisions about compensation and benefits based on data. This report will help NSCA members confidently do that.”

This new report contains valuable information to help integrators in a range of ways. For example, it will help them uncover wage trends, identify fluctuations in compensation and pinpoint employment trends. What’s more, it’ll offer guidance to help determine appropriate wage levels for employees.

Key Report Features

The 2022 Compensation & Benefits Report also covers all of the following:

  • Staff levels (number of full-time and part-time employees)
  • Benefits offered (and associated costs), including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, vision plans, disability, retirement and bonuses
  • Compensation for positions that range from the C-suite to HR, accounting, installation, design, purchasing, marketing and project management
  • Ancillary compensation (bonuses) for sales, administrative and project-management professionals
  • Raises for different staff categories
  • Business-travel reimbursement (mileage, cell phones, expense accounts, per diems, etc.)

NSCA integrator member owners and executives can request access to the report at no cost. However, the report can also be purchased by approved non-members. Due to the sensitive nature of the information, NSCA will vet all requests to access the report. Click here to request a copy.


*Originally published on SecuritySales.com*