Peer Groups Add Value for Total Tech Guests & Sponsors

Business leaders of top integrators stay connected to support each other in implementing change and evaluating vendors for inclusion in their product mix.

Last year’s Total Tech Summit marked the first time the event’s boardroom groups were dual-purposed to create peer groups that extended peer-support beyond the event itself. Guests in each boardroom group, sized at 10-12 business leaders, were introduced to each other via email in advance of the event, articulated their product acquisition and process improvement goals for the event and were encouraged to maintain their connections post-event by email and teleconference.

Seth Barcus, director of sales at American Security of Long Island City, N.Y., leads a group with particularly strong exchange and interaction. Their email correspondence over the nine months since the event has included reviews of products presented to the group at the Summit, surprising product finds at the Summit beyond boardroom presentations, focus areas for process improvement and general business challenges and opportunities. Participants in the peer group include:

  • Leo Buehler – Commercial Operations Manager, Ackerman Security Systems
  • AJ Gomez – President, Global Security
  • Tim Kersting – General Manager, Integrated Protection Services
  • Skip Ludlam – General Manager, Affordable Lock & Security Solutions
  • Kyle Mills – Senior Project Manager, Allied Universal Security Systems
  • Kurt Tadich – Systems Consultant, Cam-Tek Security
  • Mike Williams – Project Management, Security Pros USA

“The Summit is a truly an amazing event,” notes Barcus. “In my three years attending these events, I have brought on four new lines and made countless connections with peers and vendors alike. It is by far my favorite event platform in the industry. The peer group concept that was launched last year has been highly beneficial, as I’m able to get perspectives on products and process issues for our company from the leaders of other companies of stature and accomplishment.”

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