Platinum Tools Brings Cabling Technology to Total Tech Summit

In its 20th year, the company is turning to the Total Tech Summit to make connections with the country’s top integrators.

Platinum Tools has spent the last two decades building its brand by getting in front of the people who use its products, and has used that to create demand from the ground up. Now, company executives are looking to the Total Tech Summit as the next step in continuing to grow their brand and develop products.

The company provides integrators with full end-to-end connectivity solutions, including preparation, installation and hand termination. Products range from simple network testers for $50 all the way up to a $2,000 Ethernet speed certifier. And, they’re all made in the USA.

Platinum Tools leaders believe their products can make integrators’ lives easier. So, they plan on showing those off to guests at the Total Tech Summit, especially the ones that make the company unique.

“One of the products we will be featuring there is a product called ezEX, and it’s a single connector solution for Cat5 and Cat 6,” says Platinum Tools VP of sales Todd Cota. “Typically, all other manufacturers of connectors, you have to have category-specific connectors for each cable type, so we’ve been able to create more of a universal connector system, and it’s designed with a one-piece design where the wires will actually go through the front end of the connector so you can verify the sequences outside of the connector.”

Many integrators are familiar with Platinum Tools for its “Cut Strip Terminate Test” slogan, but Cota wants to make sure the big players are aware of the different ways his company can benefit them. He believes the Total Tech Summit provides him the outlet to effectively do that.

“We chose the Summit because of the interfacing with some of the top 100 integrators in the country, and we want to get a pulse on the market to make sure we’re providing needed and useable products for it,” says Cota.

The Platinum Tools team is also approaching the event as a way to learn how they can better serve their customers. Cota will use the information he receives from guest profiles to develop a plan for the 15-minute one-on-one meetings that allows him to properly demonstrate what his company can provide now, but also lets him get a sense on what he can work on to help each of the guests improve their own businesses.

“We’ll do a little research and figure out what they’re really focusing on,” he says. “Are they focusing on AV, security, HVAC? There’s so many different convergents that our products will cross over on. I want to bring the guests up to date on what some of the newer patented technologies are and get an understanding of what they’re doing so we can possibly develop new technologies and new products for them, as well, to make their jobs easier. We like to streamline the installation process.”