SSI Integrator of the Month: Allstate Security Industries

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Each month SSI highlights one of the security industry’s most progressive integrators that has attended the SSI Summit. This month is Allstate Security Industries.


Since 1926, Allstate Security Industries [ASI] has served Amarillo and our five state installation and service trade areas, as well as delivering monitoring solutions in all 50 states. In 1967, my grandfather, Dale Elliott, founded Amarillo Burglary Control.

Through the years the name has changed as the business has grown, with 26 acquisitions merged to create the Texas Panhandle’s largest and oldest locally owned life-safety and security company. I joined ASI in 2007 as a security officer and quickly learned how to streamline the existing business and coached the team to embrace both new procedures and technologies to offer unparalleled service.


  1. Sourcing technical and physical security labor resources: We have a well-documented and thorough technical and nontechnical onboarding process, utilizing online classroom instructors and self-paced learning courses. Physical security personnel are trained by our in-house Level 5 DPS certified instructor. A shortage of resources in our area makes this challenging at times.
  2. Modified residential sales approach: In the current climate in respect to COVID-19 and our rapidly changing environment, we have had to switch our organic sales growth and force to online solutions by primarily offering do-it-together, or DIT, type installations. Structuring and implementing a new sales approach from contact to contract to installation has carried internal backend onboarding challenges.
  3. Pre-integrated solutions: They come pre-integrated yet require service callbacks as they utilize existing network infrastructure and solutions such as WiFi doorbells, WiFi-enabled cameras and embedded technology solutions.


  1. Service & response: Besides our technical installation and maintenance service, our UL Certified, TMA Five Diamond alarm response center operators are parallel to no other. Our armed response team and patrol officers set ASI apart from competition across the entire Texas Panhandle.
  2. Technology: Our continual adoptions of new technology and service offerings that are tried and tested in-house provide our client base both direct and third-party solutions that are robust and cutting-edge, able to meet the most demanding applications.
  3. Integrity: It’s the other I in ASI — Achieving, Success with Integrity. Each and every employee takes and makes all efforts to deliver the solution our clients demand from us.


  1. Video Alarm Verification / Active Video Monitoring
  2. Video Alam Verification Addon Solutions:
    Video Guard Tours – Electronic Camera Tours random and scheduled surveillance, WatchMe – Activated by a panic button or other signal type allows an operator to live view a situation before dispatching.
    Special Watch – Scheduled video monitoring at opening and closing and special events.
    Audio Talk-down Solutions – Alarm Response Audio Communication to Alarm Events via external speakers and strobe/light siren  remote activation as warnings.
  3. Third-Party Monitoring Services for UL Burglary Monitoring, UL Fire Monitoring. Video Alarm Verification, Audio Talk-down, Two- way Voice, Live Video Monitoring, Watch Me Requests, Health Checks, Escort Services, Virtual Guard Tours, Off Site Recording Solutions, Elevator Monitoring, PERS and AES Monitoring.