Total Tech Summit Guests Represent Nearly $8 Billion in Annual Revenue

Analysis of guest stats also provide a closer look at the top product and service categories and vertical markets of businesses of those who are attending.

Every year, the Total Tech Summit hosts the nation’s top custom, commercial and security integrators. The 2017 event will be no different, with hundreds of confirmed attendees representing billions of dollars in revenue.

The 343 confirmed guests across the Commercial Integrator, CE Pro and Security Sales & Integration segments come from 297 different companies. Together, those businesses have brought in $7.9 billion dollars in 2017. Further broken down, the CI guests account for $3.7 billion, $2.9 billion for SSI guests and $1.3 billion for CE Pro guests. The average 2017 revenue is $39.3 million for CI guests, $33.9 million for SSI guests and $10.9 million for CE Pro guests.

In terms of installations, guest companies completed 335,300 installs. Those include 252,600 for residential projects and 82,700 for non-residential. Security companies represented by guests lead the way with 246,900, followed by CE Pro with 44,300 and CI with 44,100.

The average 2017 revenue of companies represented by hosted guests at the Total Tech Summit is more than $26.5 million.
The average 2017 revenue of companies represented by hosted guests at the Total Tech Summit is more than $26.5 million.

The top product/service category revenue-producers are:

  • $2.4 billion – A/V installations
  • $1.7 billion – security installations
  • $835 million – control system installations
  • $796 million – monitoring and managed services
  • $466 million – networking/infrastructure installations

The top vertical market revenue-producers are:

  • $1.8 billion – residential
  • $1.8 billion – commercial office space
  • $1.2 billion – education (K-12+ higher ed)
  • $642 million – health care
  • $312 million – hospitality

Operating assets of guests:

  • 47% – showrooms
  • 21% – alarm/ security monitoring centers
  • 20% – retail stores
  • 15% – network operating centers (NOC)

“Kudos to our guest relations team for securing commitments from a stunningly powerful group of integrators and dealers for Total Tech 2017,” says John Galante, president of AE Ventures. “It’s not only great news for the 135 sponsor companies that will be engaging with guests on a scheduled, guaranteed basis at the Summit, it’s a win for the guests themselves, who’ll benefit from best practice sharing and business improvement brainstorming with the biggest and best in custom, commercial and security integration.”