Total Tech Summit Hosts Powerful Integrators in 2017, Gets Fast Start to Success in 2018

Custom, commercial and security integrator guests, representing $7.9 billion in annual revenues, engaged with vendors and peers to grow and improve their companies, while sponsors renewed their participation at record rates.

The 2017 edition of Total Tech, incorporating the CE Pro, Commercial Integrator and Security Sales & Integration Summits, is in the books. Total Tech 2017 featured a record 343 confirmed guests representing 297 top custom, commercial and security integration companies.

Total Tech guests were a tremendously powerful group of integrators.Together, their businesses will generate $7.9 billion in 2017 revenues. Commercial Integrator (CI) guests account for $3.7 billion in revenue; SSI (security) guests, $2.9 billion; CE Pro guests, $1.3 billion. Guest companies will complete 335,300 installs in 2017. This includes 252,600 for residential projects and 82,700 for non-residential. Security companies represented by guests led the way with 246,900, followed by CE Pro with 44,300 and CI with 44,100.

The top product/service category revenue-producers for guests are:

  • $2.4 billion – A/V installations
  • $1.7 billion – security installations
  • $835 million – control system installations
  • $796 million – monitoring and managed services
  • $466 million – networking/infrastructure installations

The top vertical market revenue-producers for guests are:

  • $1.84 billion – residential
  • $1.82 billion – commercial office space
  • $1.17 billion – education (K-12+ higher education)
  • $642 million – health care
  • $312 million – hospitality

Over 2.5 days, guests took in general session content, brainstormed with their peers in interactive roundtable sessions and connected with vendors in small group boardroom presentations, scheduled one-on-one meetings and through stop-by visit and networking contacts. They headed home with peer-tested ideas for improving their business processes and concepts and contacts they need to evolve their product and service mix for revenue and profit growth.

Sponsors were thrilled with the event as evidenced in post-Summit survey responses…

  • The quality of the attendees from our point of view was excellent. We felt we got excellent value from the sponsorship of this event.
  • We came away with a lot of quality and valuable interactions with potential and current customers.
  • Great quality attendees and great networking.
  • The focus on actual networking and the ability to partner and pursue opportunities were most valuable. Most shows are informational and offer select opportunities. Hope that the actual meetings realize into solid deals and opportunities.
  • Well done. Worth the price of the event.
  • Hugely valuable. Open-minded attendees willing to consider our products.
  • It was our first time and we’re pleased with the quality of meetings.
  • Great quality of the overall show organization. The content itself and the business value of the meeting were really good.
  • The guests at Total Tech are our target customers and they understand why they are there. There are many tire-kickers at other shows that waste our time. We did not waste time with the guests we interfaced with.
  • This is our favorite show of the year because of the quality and quantity of interactions with the guests.
  • The guests are no nonsense. We are either going to do business or not. Every attendee had an objective in mind.
  • Our engagements here are far more “truthful” in a sense. Dealers are more candid, less agreeable and frankly get down to brass tacks on doing business and what it would take. I find that even at buying group events and tradeshows, dealers are more amenable and promising, yet don’t follow through. This event is far more impactful and predictable.

An even better indicator of sponsor success, sponsorship renewals are running better than 50 percent ahead of last year!

“The three-in-one concept of Total Tech hit full stride this year,” said AE Ventures president John Galante. “In fact the youngest segment of our event (security) was the most energized and excited with 75 percent of guests rating their experience as excellent. We’re looking forward to a great 2018 event in Pittsburgh, Nov. 7-9, with plans to grow our total guest group to 400+ with the security and commercial integrator guest groups each up 20-35 percent.”

For more information on sponsoring or attending Total Tech 2018, contact Nancy Franco at or 508-618-4225.