Why You Need to Support the Next Generation of Leadership Now More Than Ever

*Originally published on CEPro.com

Do you know how to support the next generation of AV leaders? Providing the right resources and valuing the right areas may be the key.

Next-generation leadership may be more important now than it has been in the past 30 years. With an entire shift in office culture that will stay after the pandemic, learning how to support this hybrid workplace structure will be integral in moving businesses forward. Many have struggled to maintain culture through a computer screen in place of face-to-face conversations and check-ins, requiring everyone to re-learn how to engage not only clients, but employees as well.

The next generation of leaders bring a new perspective to the workplace and they have the ambition and gumption to create and carry out new ideas. These ideas interlaced with the baby boomers’ experiences make for one of two scenarios.

The first could be a powerful collaboration of ideas and experiences. The second could be a disastrous butting of heads where neither side can see the other point, causing a lot of contention. Both scenarios are possible and actively happening in today’s world. Companies that harness the first scenario will be better positioned for the future. When you combine experience and innovative ideas you can achieve extraordinary goals and expansion.

Forbes recently published, 8 Tips To Lead The Next Generation, and indicates we are in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution changing the way we work and live and a new generation entering the workforce, we must redefine what it means to be a leader.” As the article suggests, the “new generation who is joining the job market for the first time is very different from the baby boomers or even the millennials. They care more about having a sense of purpose and having a positive impact on society and the environment.”

Brad Malone, managing partner at Navigate Management Consulting, points out that “having worked with hundreds of systems integration companies, the most mature have the development of their next generation of leaders part of their DNA. Growing and nurturing their talented employees is embedded in their culture. They don’t lose their up-and-comers to the competition, they keep them and groom them – an incredible return on their investment that keeps paying dividends.”

Providing the resources for the next generation of leaders will benefit both the employee and the employer. Continuing education, opportunities to take on projects outside of the current job scope and involvement in large and strategic projects can build loyalty and increase the term of employment.

There are various programs and conferences that are geared specifically to this audience. PSA TEC is offering a group of educational sessions, powered by USAV, that targets emerging leaders and key personnel. These nine sessions will equip leadership personnel from C-Suite to up-and-coming managers and supervisors with the knowledge to positively influence their companies.

It is important to understand that everyone carries leadership roles in various capacities. Whether it be as a manager, individual contributor, parent, sibling, co-worker, friend, etc., each role carries a duty to be a follower, leader, or both. The upcoming leaders, and those who are developing the next generation of leaders, will have the awareness and aptitude to know when to lead and know when to follow. The importance of the support for those employees is what will determine if a company will thrive or strive when it comes to finding its next leaders.