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Will AV Business Leaders Follow Basecamp CEO’s Lead and Ban Political and Social Talk?

*Originally published on Basecamp CEO Jason Fried announced several policy changes this week aimed at keeping employees focused on work while at work. Basecamp CEO Jason Fried announced on Monday the company would no longer allow employees to discuss politics or cultural issues at work, among other policy updates that eliminate committees and streamline the review […]

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Shop Drawings 101: Do You Know the Minimum Requirements?

*Originally published on Shop drawings should not be confused with engineering drawings. Here are the minimum requirements according to NFPA 72. Originally there was to be a different topic covered this month. But after recently viewing how a number of shop drawings were produced the subject is now shop drawings, and what should be […]

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How to Handle Additional Insured Demands

*Originally published on Legal expert Ken Kirschenbaum dives into the many issues that may arise if you name a subscriber as an additional insured on your insurance policy. The additional insured provision is one of the more potent provisions used to allocate and shift liability. The traditional response to a subscriber request to be […]

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How Augmented Technology Is Advancing Physical Security Programs

*Originally published on Learn how robots and drones work in concert with security pros and law enforcement to surveil public spaces to gain improved situational awareness. The security sector’s increasingly sophisticated technology offers more opportunities for security system enhancements and program integration than ever before. A great advance in the sector is the burgeoning […]

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