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How to Build Company Equity Beyond a Recurring Revenue Model

*Originally published on In his Alarm Exchange newsletter, Ken Kirschenbaum addresses a reader’s question if certain types of recurring revenue enhance the company’s residual value. GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — If you had to name one incontrovertible truth about the alarm contracting business it surely would be that recurring monthly revenue (RMR) is the lifeblood of any […]

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Collaboration, Commitment & Community

There is no question that COVID-19 has presented our customers, the industries we serve and our company with extraordinary challenges. The world has changed and while uncertainty remains, we are hopeful and optimistic that Total Tech Summit in November will take place in person as planned. We are taking the time now to focus on […]

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Life in the New Normal: How to Support Your IT Infrastructure and Remote Workforce

*Originally published on ASG VP of product management Jeff Cherrington outlines three changes business leaders should make to help them move forward and be prepared for anything. While work-from-home policies are not a new concept for most organizations, the crushing scale of managing a completely remote workforce has put enterprises under immense strain. IT […]

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The New Age of the Workplace After COVID-19

Originally published on We’re currently engaged in the largest work-from-home experiment in history. It was thrust upon us, but I’m willing to wager the result will be positive. COVID-19 has changed everything forever. That’s not my opinion alone. In the past two months I have spoken with countless integrators, manufacturers, service providers, consultants – almost […]

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What Every Technology Service Agreement Should Include

*Originally published on The technology service agreement defines more of a relationship than most firms understand. Here are some best practices. Many MSPs have a love/hate relationship with technology service agreements, yet agreements are a very important piece of any business correlation. They help to define the relationship and how to handle conflicts should they arise. More […]

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