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Earning A Seat at The Table

Women have long been powerhouse contributors to the integration industry. Presently, there are women at all levels of the industry, including those working as integrators, marketers, AV consultants, executive managers and CEOs. Yet, despite the awe-inspiring accomplishments of women in our industry, there’s so much more that we can contribute. Too many women — especially […]

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10 Things System Integrators Can Do To Harden Cyber Defenses Amid The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Cyberattacks have been front and center in the Ukraine crisis, as the country is not just suffering from conventional warfare as it fights with Russia. The country’s critical infrastructure has been repeatedly attacked, purportedly by hackers working for their next door adversary. These attacks have targeted government websites, infrastructure and more with DDoS attacks and […]

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Single-Family Housing Market on the Decline; MDUs on the Rise

New findings from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Home Building Geography Index (HBGI) show that the rate of year-over-year single-family growth in all small and large metro urban, suburban and rural regional submarkets peaked in the second quarter of 2021. While that expansion has cooled somewhat, growth rates in all markets remained in […]

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The Supply Chain Explained and Demystified, Part 2

Supply-chain issues are not new, but COVID-19 can be thought of as the catalyst for the global economic situation we find ourselves in today. Also consider that all parts of the world have not been affected equally by the pandemic; as such, we’re all recovering at vastly different rates. Beginning upstream at the source of […]

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