Welcome to Total Tech Summit

You are invited to join us for the ultimate all-inclusive hosted event, November 7-9, 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA. Total Tech Summit is calling upon top business leaders in the most competitive companies across the country to collaborate and learn from one another. Total Tech Summit is not a tradeshow where a battle of the booths results in few leads and fewer relationships. At the Summit, our VIP guests receive invaluable insights to not only expand, but further improve their technology strategies – all while building a network of strategic business alliances.

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Enhance Your Peer Network

Connect with dozens of other top industry leaders and foster a high-caliber network of colleagues that you can tap year round for ideas and advice. The Total Tech Summit is designed to connect and bond you with equally successful peers and vendors that can become your trusted advisors on how to grow and improve your business.

The Extraordinary Executive Experience

As the business leader of a top integrator, you deserve to be hosted for a VIP event experience. By joining us at the Summit, we ensure not only a comfortable stay but also a custom itinerary for you to make engagements with cutting-edge tech vendors from across the country.  All event guests are treated with complimentary accommodations that include airfare, food and beverage, hotel, and event registration.

Focused on Your Growth & Improvement

While the focus of a trade show is on new products, the focus at Total Tech Summit is on helping you grow and improve your business. All parties involved are invested in your business imperatives, including our sponsors. At the Summit, you get real-world insights from the most valuable sources - your peers at other successful integration companies.

Explore Opportunities in Adjacent Spaces

The installed technology industry is constantly changing and integrators are continually evaluating the focus and diversity of their product-market mix. Total Tech Summit's unique 3-in-1 structure covers custom, commercial, and security electronics integration, enabling business leaders to efficienetly explore opportunities in adjacent product and market spaces.

Download the 2017 Integration MegaTrends Report

The MegaTrends Survey details how custom, commercial, and security integration companies are evolving their products and market mix as well as where they are making investments to improve quality and financial performance. Check out the trendlines in these critical areas:

  • Net increases in revenue in different building technology sectors
  • Growth and activity in vertical markets
  • Areas of increased investment in next 2 years
  • 2017 revenue statistics by product and service category
  • And more!
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