Download Our 2017 Sponsor List

Give yourself the upper hand before the event begins! Make the most of this opportunity at hand and plan ahead. Our 2017 Sponsor List includes every sponsor who attended last year’s Total Tech Summit, enabling you to better prepare for upcoming engagements. Sponsors frequently return each year, enabling participating guests to pinpoint strategic meetings well before the final sponsor list is confirmed.

Welcome to Total Tech Summit

You are invited to Total Tech Summit, the ultimate all-inclusive hosted event for business leaders, hosted in Pittsburgh, PA, November 7-9 2018. Total Tech Summit is extending this invite to only the most influential business leaders in the residential, commercial, and security tech integration spaces to collaborate and learn from one another.

This Trip Is on Us

Being such an influential leader in the industry, you deserve the chance to be hosted for a VIP experience and gain insight on cutting-edge technology developing across the country. All expenses during the summit, including airfare, hotel accommodations, and food, are on us. All you have to do is show up ready to collaborate with top players in the market.

From Opportunities to Results

Having access to such a high-caliber network of professionals allows you the opportunity to stay ahead of upcoming trends in the industry. In a world that is constantly changing, Total Tech Summit has produced a unique 3-in-1 structure that allows business leaders to explore new opportunities in adjacent verticals that would further benefit their businesses.

Discover More

The Total Tech Summit team creates custom itineraries structured around effective and meaningful engagements. You will have the chance to connect with sponsors who are at the forefront of relevant market spaces. Your participation is structured, how you wish and for how long, in the manner that best fits you and your business. Explore opportunities with sponsors in the following spaces.

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