Download the Integrator’s Guide to Process Improvement & Product/Market Mix Evolution

The Integrator's Guide provides useful information on how to grow and improve a technology integration company. Including topics such as:

  • Defining Your Process
  • Documenting Your Process
  • Improving Your Process
  • Managing Product & Market Mix Evolution
  • Total Tech Summit as a Resource

Be Our Guest

Total Tech Summit is a unique hosted event where industry leaders across the country have the opportunity to join essentially cost free, with hundreds of connections at their fingertips. Flight and hotel accommodations, as well as food and drink arrangements, are taken care of by the Total Tech staff. Additionally, a custom itinerary is designed according to your preferences, fostering opportunities to forge meaningful and lasting connections.

Setting You Up to Grow

The ultimate goal of Total Tech Summit is to help your business prosper. The Summit is specifically designed to encourage collaboration between guests and sponsors that sparks the opportunity to develop new tech strategies for the upcoming year. These real world insights from your peers and other successful companies serve as invaluable resources, helping you to alter your business imperatives and accelerate your organization’s growth.

Evolve Your Product and Market Mix

With the technology industry constantly changing, Total Tech Summit has developed a unique 3-in-1 event structure covering the custom, commercial, and security integration markets. Our event guests are encouraged to explore new opportunities in adjacent market spaces to expand their market and product mixes in a dynamic industry environment.

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