Download Our Guest Playbook

Maximize your time effectiveness at Total Tech Summit by downloading our Guest Playbook which contains best practices and tips, including:
  • Steps on how to prepare for the summit
  • Full answers to frequently asked questions
  • Information on planning successful engagements
  • Follow-up steps that ensure long-lasting relationships

Assessing Your Pre-Event Needs

The first step towards a successful Total Tech Summit is to assess the goals of your organization. We’ve already created a checklist for you, allowing you to create an effective plan when you arrive at the summit. Knowing which other industry leaders will be present at Total Tech Summit is a crucial first step to ensuring that the connections you make are strategic and long-lasting.

How to Plan and Execute Vendor Engagements

The Total Tech team will prepare you for the event by arming you with the knowledge and materials needed to execute successful and meaningful engagements with event sponsors. Every engagement at Total Tech Summit is pre-planned based on your preferences and, as a result, the impact of each meeting is completely under your control.

Planning and Executing Meetings with Peers

Total Tech Summit’s unique, 3-in-1 event structure is not only designed to connect you with other leaders in the industry, but encourages you to explore opportunities in adjacent market spaces. The focus of the summit is to improve your business and build relationships with your peers at other successful integration companies, and the Total Tech team is ready to guide you through every step of the way.

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