AE Ventures helps you develop a plan of attack for your guest engagements and provides advice on how to set-up and make next steps inescapable. That’s how a scheduled meeting turns into a relationship turns into an account yielding years of high-dollar sales.

What is Engagement Planning?

It all starts with a sponsorship evaluation and selection process that focuses on your needs and opportunities. Then, you will work with our customer experience team to develop engagement strategies. Our team's onsite and post-event support will help you make your sponsorship count. Using our information-rich guest databases, we work with you to identify the right guests to target. We share concepts for winning one-on-one meetings and boardroom presentations. We show you how to use guest profiles to identify areas to probe for pain and aspiration and understand competitive factors you can play on.

And it doesn’t stop there. We provide councel on how to make your next-step meetings really happen and help you broaden your connection with additional stakeholders in top integrator businesses.

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Engagement Planning is just one part of our system for your success. If your company is focused on winning and growing its share of business with the “heroes” of integration, there is simply no more efficient nor effective way to create and enhance the relationships you need. Our planned, scheduled and fully informed engagements with business leaders of the best and brightest companies are your ticket to success.