AE Ventures Advises Sponsors on One-on-One Meeting Strategy

Structured approach to 15-minute engagements can pull pain, uncover loose bricks, trigger more tailored presentations and close next steps.

A signature feature for sponsors of AE Ventures’ hosted style events is the scheduled, guaranteed one-on-one VIP guest meetings they deliver with all sponsorship packages. The meetings run 15 minutes long and take place at sponsors’ exhibits.

In its quest to enhance sponsor results, AE Ventures has outlined specific recommendations for planning and executing these meetings in its new Sponsor Playbook.

Recommendations include:

  • Reviewing the detailed individual and company profile information provided in advance of the meeting to determine whether a prospect is carrying competitive or complementary products, targeting vertical markets where a sponsor’s product is particularly apt or otherwise sized or configured to make it more predisposed to specific selling messages.
  • Dedicating the first five to seven minutes of the meeting to learning critical business needs and pain points of the guest and to uncover “loose bricks” (a.k.a. weaknesses and disadvantages of competitors) that the sponsor’s products and services can address.
  • Using the next six to eight minutes to address pain points and highlight the most relevant and compelling benefits and features for the guests.
  • Focusing the final one or two minutes of the meeting on securing next steps with the guest with a specific time, place, purpose and agenda for the next meeting and a request to get additional stakeholders in the purchase process involved as appropriate.

One-on-one meetings are among the most popular features at AE Ventures’ events. They are available sponsorship packages ranging from five to 90 meetings with add-on options.

“Selling to channel or specifier partners is a multi-step process that involves building a relationship of trust and tuning to the genuine needs of the prospective partner,” said AE Ventures president, John Galante. “We’re advising our sponsors on how they can leverage the meetings we deliver to take important steps forward in that process. We deliver more than the loosely qualified lead they might get at trade show. We deliver an opportunity to start or enhance a relationship and accelerate the sales process.”

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact AE Ventures EVP Nancy Franco at or 508-618-4225.