AE Ventures Expands Increasingly Popular Exhibit+ Sponsorship Packages

Sponsors can now conduct a high volume of scheduled, guaranteed meetings with VIP guests in the comfortable, flexible setting of their exhibits.

AE Ventures hosted events are growing rapidly as more and more sponsors realize the efficiency and value of events that deliver scheduled, guaranteed, high-quality engagements with business leaders from top companies. This year’s Total Tech Summit, Nov. 1-3 in Orlando, is projected to grow more than 25 percent after 42 percent growth last year. The TecHome Builder Summit, Dec. 4-6 in Phoenix, will grow more than 40 percent. And TecHomeX is on track to more than double sponsor investments while moving to a twice per year frequency, serving both California (March) and the East (May), in 2018.

The fastest growing type of sponsorship for AE Ventures events are its Exhibit+ packages. Exhibit+ packages provide sponsors the comfortable setting of an exhibit space (typically modestly decorated and furnished) in which to conduct a number of scheduled, 15-minute one-on-one meetings with VIP guests and to field stop-by visits from additional guests with whom they may not have scheduled meetings. Responding to increased demand for this option, AE Ventures has lifted the top package from 30 to 90 meetings, and sponsors can purchase additional meetings atop the 90 meeting package at a discounted rate of $125 per meeting.

“One of the fundamentals of business is to give your clients more of what they want,” said AE Ventures president John Galante. “We’re doing that with the expanded Exhibit+ packages. It’s a familiar form factor for sponsoring companies, tradeshow-like, but without those moments staring into the existential vacuum and hoping for something to happen. We deliver meetings on a scheduled basis, and sponsors receive detailed profile information on each guest they meet several days in advance so they can make their time together count.”

Galante continued: “Some hosted event organizers stage scheduled meetings at long rows of tables and chairs, speed-dating style. That’s NOT us. It’s too forced, too uncomfortable and doesn’t allow for product demonstrations or getting additional sponsor staff involved in a key meeting. We like our format better, and, most important, so do our sponsors.”

Each Exhibit+ package includes exhibit space and sponsor registration allocations sized to tend to scheduled meetings and stop-by opportunities. They also include a product showcase e-mail promotion designed to stimulate stop-by visit during exhibits browsing hours.

To learn more about Exhibits+ Sponsorship Packages at AE Ventures events, contact
AE Ventures EVP Nancy Franco, at or 508-618-4225.