AE Ventures Launches Quantum Customer Experience at 2017 Total Tech & TecHome Builder Summits

New and improved sponsor support programs and deliverables generate sponsor customer experiences that are a leap ahead of their typical event experience.

May 30, 2017 — AE Ventures announced today the launch of Quantum Customer Experience (QCX), a package of sponsor support and deliverables that will be incorporated into all of its events. The purpose of QCX is to ensure excellent results and a pleasant professional experience for sponsor companies and coordinating and executing staff. Components of QCX include:

  • AE Ventures Engagements Guarantee
  • AE Ventures Signature Customer Care
  • AE Ventures Proven Process

AE Ventures Engagements Guarantee reinforces the central value proposition of AE Ventures events – predictable, high-quality engagements with business leaders of top companies in the market served.

  • For every scheduled one-on-one meeting missed at the event, AE will both work to arrange a post-event engagement by web conference or in person AND provide two (2) complimentary meetings at the next edition of the event.
  • For every guest miss of a boardroom presentation at the event, AE will both work to arrange a post-event engagement by web conference or in person AND provide four (4) complimentary meetings at the next edition of the event.

AE Ventures Signature Customer Care is a robust collection of support measures that set the stage for a high-return sponsorship effort and make it easy and pleasurable for the staff that plan and execute it. These include helping sponsors:

  • Develop strategy for selecting guest engagements
  • Develop message and interaction strategies for presentations and one-on-one meetings
  • Develop promotion strategies for increased networking and stop-by engagements
  • Develop staffing strategies
  • Develop exhibit furnishings, decoration and operations plans
  • Efficiently order and manage onsite services
  • Follow up effectively with guests and company stakeholders eager for information on results generated

AE Ventures Proven Process lays out the path of essential consulting and support steps AE’s business development and customer experience teams implement to help sponsors plan and execute for success. These include:

  • Discovering needs and goals
  • Exploring sponsorship solution options
  • Consulting all event participation stakeholders
  • Confirming deliverables
  • Planning engagements, promotions and onsite production
  • Providing onsite orientation and support
  • Conducting an after-action review
  • Recalibrating sponsorships for subsequent events

“Quantum Customer Experience is another brick in the fortress of competitive advantages we’re building into our events,” said John Galante, president of AE Ventures.

“Our event model is already leaps and bounds better than the trade show model—offering sponsors high-quality, predictable engagements with leaders of top companies via an investment that’s calibrated to their desired impact at the event. Now we’re adding customer care components to further assist sponsors in strategy and execution and really working to clean up the mess that’s common with exhibit set-up and operations. QCX will help sponsors achieve stronger results while feeling good about the process that gets them there.”