Champions of Change: Domo Prestige

Dominating the Repeat Revenue Domain

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.33.08 PM“We wanted to find a way that when times get tough—when sales slow, construction slows, recessions hit—that we can count on a revenue that keeps coming back,” says Robidoux.
Number one on his list was finding a way to get repeat revenue from customers Domo Prestige already had.
Robidoux took strides after his attendance at the CE Pro Summit to make his recurring revenue goal a reality by adding more remote networking tools for his future customers with monthly and yearly paid service contracts.
At the Summit Robidoux connected with ihiji and Pakedge, exploring the latter’s BakPak solution. This cloud management system provides complete remote alerts, visibility, management and uptime controls for A/V networks.

“We wanted something that wouldn’t have recurring fees,” says Robidoux. “Something that was a one time buy on our side.”

Cloud management is becoming more and more popular among integrators. Companies can even add the BakPak to an existing system. These new cloud management systems will allow Robidoux to troubleshoot and fix his customers’ problems more quickly because he’ll be aware of the issue before his customers even know about it.
bakpak-diagramWith that privilege for clients comes a contract. As Robidoux consistently communicates with his customers, reintroducing his brand each month through his new service contracts, they’ll begin to become more “sticky.” “
With this, you’re always the first one they think of when they need technology products for their house, the office, the cottage,” says Robidoux.
This proactive approach equates to more happy, well-taken-care-of customers and ultimately more referrals.
As a Control4 and 4Sight Technologies dealer, Domo Prestige has enough IT staff to handle the new equipment. Robidoux’s sales staff will now have another way to make profit from every contract but will have to tackle their sales in a new way. They included information about the new services in their New Year’s announcement.

“We also built some packages for them to choose from and gave a couple of real-life service call examples, so they can see the benefits in terms of money and time saving,” he says.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.42.37 PMNew customers are shown client service plans with the benefits for each by category so that they can see how remote system management can give them better service and save time and money.

“Those are systems that, most of the time, are too complicated for them to fully understand,” says Robidoux. “All they want is the system to work! With this, that’s what they’re getting.”

A phone call or an email goes out to tell them that something went wrong with their system and that it will be taken care of.
With this revenue-rich client care initiative, Robidoux will know the moment there is a problem on his clients’ network and be able to fix that problem remotely.
And Robidoux is still not done making changes. He plans to add more technicians and trucks within the next two years to grow his installation business that now has about 200 customers.

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