EH Publishing and AE Ventures Announce Launch of SSI Summit

New hosted buyer style event, co-located with the CE Pro and Commercial Integrator Summits, will focus on revenue growth and beyond-security integration for nearly 100 hosted VIP dealers and integrators.

September 9, 2015 — EH Publishing and AE Ventures announced today the launch of the Security Sales & Integration (SSI) Summit, a new hosted-buyer style event for security dealers and integrators that will co-locate and integrate with their long-standing and successful CE Pro and Commercial Integrator Summits in Atlanta, GA, Nov. 2-4, 2016.

In alignment with SSI’s mission, the Summit will focus on sales and integration, highlighting the products, services, technologies and techniques that contribute to rapid revenue growth and the integration of security products and systems with other technologies in homes and commercial/institutional buildings.

Nearly 100 senior executive guests will be hosted in VIP style, with the Summit covering and arranging air travel and hotel accommodations and providing food and refreshments throughout the events. They’ll take in a program including informative and inspiring general sessions and keynotes, idea-sharing roundtable sessions, social events and small group presentations and scheduled one-on-one meeting with sponsors. Sponsors will have the opportunity for high quality engagements with the biggest, best and most progressive players in electronic security.

Additional benefits will accrue for both guests and sponsors from the co-location and integration of the SSI Summit with the CE Pro and Commercial Integrator Summits. In the joint showcase exhibits and social functions, SSI Summit guests will connect with suppliers in adjacent categories like home and building control, lighting and AV and with potential allies and merger/acquisition partners at the integrator level. SSI Summit sponsors can connect with custom and commercial integrators that are adding security to their product mix and find their own alliance partners in adjacent product categories.

The three co-located Summits (hosting 300+ elite integrators and dealers and featuring more than 150 sponsoring suppliers) together make up the Total Technology Summit, a VIP mega event that reflects the increasing connectivity at both the technical and business level across AV, control and security.


“We’re excited to be adding this third leg to the stool,” said Jason Knott, EH Publishing Vice President, Consumer Electronics & Security. “The Summit format and purpose is delivering great value to custom and commercial integrators, and we’re certain we can deliver more of the same to bigger, better security dealers and integrators.”

“SSI Summit guests are going to be treated to an amazing, results-driving program,” said AE Ventures President, John Galante.

“Working with Jason, and SSI editor-in-chief, Scott Goldfine, we’ll showcase the innovations and best practices that are driving sales growth and the beyond-security integration opportunities that are doing the same. It will be an awesome opportunity for vendors to connect with dealer business leaders at the moment their minds catch fire with strategies for growth.”

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