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Life in the New Normal: How to Support Your IT Infrastructure and Remote Workforce

*Originally published on ASG VP of product management Jeff Cherrington outlines three changes business leaders should make to help them move forward and be prepared for anything. While work-from-home policies are not a new concept for most organizations, the crushing scale of managing a completely remote workforce has put enterprises under immense strain. IT […]

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The New Age of the Workplace After COVID-19

Originally published on We’re currently engaged in the largest work-from-home experiment in history. It was thrust upon us, but I’m willing to wager the result will be positive. COVID-19 has changed everything forever. That’s not my opinion alone. In the past two months I have spoken with countless integrators, manufacturers, service providers, consultants – almost […]

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What Every Technology Service Agreement Should Include

*Originally published on The technology service agreement defines more of a relationship than most firms understand. Here are some best practices. Many MSPs have a love/hate relationship with technology service agreements, yet agreements are a very important piece of any business correlation. They help to define the relationship and how to handle conflicts should they arise. More […]

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How to Improve Your Talent Hiring Process

*Originally published on Teams that are trained to interview and work together can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Business is risky. We as systems integrators get it. I have started two companies and worked in the Fortune 100 world in my two careers over the past 40+ years, as well as […]

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