Security Integrator Detects Opportunity with Drones

For Corey Boggs, general manager of Richmond Alarm Company, the inaugural Security Sales & Integrations (SSI) Summit began as an opportunity to reconnect with industry acquaintances.

“Socially and professionally, I enjoyed eating meals with those folks, connecting and going through some of the same tracks with them,” says Boggs.

Corey Boggs.
Corey Boggs.

One of these educational tracks focused specifically on the developing drone industry, and Boggs was instantly intrigued by the business this emerging technology could potentially create. “Emerging Opportunities and Applications for Drones” was a specialized CI and SSI joint session that zeroed in on how important drones will soon become for integration professionals.

After listening to the material presented by Eric Jameson, UAV product manager for Stampede, Boggs immediately connected with the company in order to bring drone-related information back to his business.

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Stampede's presentation on drones.
Stampede’s presentation on drones.

“Currently, we’re still working on a business plan and identifying opportunities,” says Boggs. “We have a lot of law enforcement contacts through our business that we work well with, so once we get our feet on the ground, this is a place we could plug in—helping law enforcement with the purchasing of, managing and flying of their drones.”

Boggs also mentions that Richmond Alarm is also looking into real estate opportunities, such as surveying and construction. “Mainly, we’ll be more on a consulting basis at first, just to help people make the right decisions through resources and training,” says Boggs.

The information Boggs gathered at the SSI Summit has become invaluably promising for the prospects of his business, as the integrator calls drone technology the “next wave of the future.”

“It seems to be popping up everywhere, so we want to make sure we at least understand it. So once it really hits [the market], we’ll be able to understand what’s happening,” says Boggs.

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