SSI Summit Introduces Enterprise+ and SMB/Resi Segmentation

New approach will make for more relevant general session content and boardroom presentation, enhancing value for both sponsors and guests.

The 2017 SSI Summit guest list will double from 67 in its inaugural year to 135 this year. At the same time, guests will be segmented into two groups to ensure they are receiving the most relevant and useful general session content and that boardroom presentations from sponsor are on target as well.

“Enterprise+ guests” represent security integrators that concentrate on large-scale and mid-market work in the institutional, health care, government and industrial sectors. SMB/Resi guests represent security dealers with strong business in the light commercial and residential markets. This enables sponsors to reach the most apt targets with boardroom presentations and general session sponsorships. It also means guests with a commercial-market only focus won’t take in presentations on residential topics and vice versa.

Of course, many companies play in both spheres and may be represented and both guest segments. Also, there are common business process challenges that are relevant for both groups and will be addressed in the joint roundtable session.

SSI General Sessions:


SSI Combined Roundtable—Best Practices Soup
We highlight best practices for the electronic security integrators and dealers from sales and marketing to design, installation and service to financial and human resources management, customer care and experience. We then turn it over to guests to brainstorm innovative, new approaches to company improvement. Top ideas are reported out to the group as a whole. A signature feature of AE Ventures hosted events, our roundtables break the ice among the guests and get the best practice sharing juices flowing!


Enterprise+ Breakfast Session—Fresh Horses: Products & Applications Your Company Can Ride for Revenue & Profit Growth
Topics Include:

  • “Cyber-secure” Physical Security Systems
  • Video Drones & Robotics
  • Biometrics
  • PSIM
  • Near Field Communications
  • Video Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Guard Force Replacement & Integration
  • Personal/Site Security Integration
SMB/Resi Breakfast Session—Integrated System for SMB “Micro Verticals”
Most security dealers are mastering basic integration of alarms, locks, surveillance, lights and HVAC control (and sometimes also A/V) for homes, but what about the commercial market? In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into systems integration for several SMB markets, scoping the opportunities and outlining a plan of attack to help you crack the market. We’ll present use cases, system features and functionality, and sales and marketing keys for each. The SMB “micro verticals” we’re looking at include:

  • Churches, Theaters
  • Convenience Stores
  • Automobile Dealers & Repair Shops
  • Doctor’s/Dentist’s Office
  • Bars & Pubs
  • Apparel Stores
  • Beauty Salons
  • Quick-Serve Restaurants
  • Sit-down Restaurants
SSI Combined Luncheon Session—Customer Experience: The Ultimate Competitive Battleground
Let’s face it. Electronic security has never been and will never be about getting the latest gee-whiz technology and solutions to market. Both residential and commercial customers of security companies are understandably wary of the untried and unproven. After all we’re talking about the protection of life and property and peace of mind in the security realm. So the place to compete is more appropriately in the customer’s experience: all the ways we market and sell – the customer’s experience of system design and installation; the customer’s experience of system training, orientation and retraining; the customer’s experience of remote monitoring, manage services and field service; the customer’s experience of administrative processes like billing and scheduling. This session will map out the dimensions of the customer experience, provide you with a template for your own 360 degree plan for excellent customer service and help you understand how to leverage superb customer experience for increased customer loyalty and referrals on steroids!


Enterprise+ Breakfast Session—Voice of the Customer: Security & Systems Needs in the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Markets
The age-old saying goes, “The customer’s always right.” By listening to the voice of the customer, security integrators can pinpoint exactly what the market desires in terms of technology, services, customer care and more. This session will explore what security directors and other end-user decision-makers look for today from security integrators. We’ll cover trends in areas like threats, integration, business needs, products and applications that are in demand sector-by-sector.

SMB/Resi Breakfast Session—Fresh Horses: Products & Applications Your Company Can Ride for Revenue & Profit Growth
Topics include:

  • Voice Control
  • Security as a Smart Home Hub
  • Cybersecurity for Homes and Small Businesses
  • Hosted Access & Video Surveillance
  • Business Intelligence Applications for Retail and Hospitality
SSI Combined Networking Luncheon Session
After a brief sponsor message, connect with your peers to discuss your findings from the Summit.

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