Total Tech Guest on Holistic Benefits of Inaugural SSI Segment

“I think the name is incredibly indicative,” says David Meurer, president at Armed Response Team. “Total. Tech. Summit.”

Meurer was a hosted guest at the Summit’s 2016 launch of the Security Sales & Integration (SSI) market segment, an experience he found extremely beneficial for his business. The security integrator cited the Summit as a deviation from events that were “similar yet thinner in scope.”

“I think the way that the Total Tech Summit was done is excellent because it is recognizing the merger of more traditional security applications and the smart home. Homeowners and business owners are looking for someone who can fulfill the whole suite of services in a one-stop approach,” says Meurer.

“For me, the real value of the event’s approach is that it brings these two communities together. You have them talking to vendors, talking to each other and networking and listening the same sessions. There is a tremendous amount of cross-pollination of professionals in this environment that would not happen otherwise.”

Transforming an Already Unique Business

Meurer on the job.
Meurer on the job.

Meurer was able to harvest benefits from the Total Tech Summit in order to revolutionize his already unique business model.

Armed Response Team has innovated a unique approach in the SSI market, as it employs retired police officers to respond to customers’ alarm systems. With a multitude of alarm signals and a limited amount of first responders around the country, Meurer believes this unique, managed services model helps solve a common problem among clients.

“We get there quickly, we prevent loss, and we bring a full circle to the idea of electronic security. We’re more than just people who install and monitor alarms, we’re actually people who close the circle by responding to them,” says Meurer.

Excited for 2017

Meurer is already rebooked for the 2017 Total Tech Summit, and looks forward to advancing his lead on the industry’s technology curve even further.

The integrator sees the smart home movement continuing to grow over the next few years, eventually reaching a precipice that will lead to a significant ramp-up in IoT-based products and services.

“I think that the companies that will be successful in the years to come are the companies that will understand this marketplace, so that when it actually arrives they will not be chasing it, but rather out in front of it,” says Meurer.

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