Chief Large Fusion Dynamic Height Adjustable Mobile Cart

The LPD1U Fusion Dynamic Height Adjustable Cart mount is ideal for interactive applications. Height adjustment creates better accessibility to interactive technology displays that are taking an ever-increasing role in the boardroom and the classroom. The cart is especially helpful for sharing interactive technology across several rooms. Round edges and sleek features give the cart a softer, professional feel that fits well in corporate and classroom environments. The height adjustable box allows up to 15.75” of vertical adjustment instantly. The starting height can be set at 3” intervals over a span of 12”.

Fusion features include ControlZone for post-installation fine tuning of height and leveling, ClickConnect for an audible click when the screen safely engages with the mount. A full line of accessories can be installed with the mount, and the entire unit can be adjusted together. This height adjustable solution is also available in floor-support and wall mounted options.

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