Clinton Electronics- IP68 Weather Rated BZ Bullet Camera Series

The new BZ Series is a continuation of our never-ending commitment to making your installation simpler and easier. The BZ Series features a gang box friendly mounting plate, convenient mounting hook, innovative one screw locking arm, autofocus lenses, and an externally accessible test monitor connection.

IP68 Weather Rated

Let’s face it — constant exposure to the elements is tough on any camera, but the last thing you want is a service call due to a leaky rubber seal. That is why we designed our new BZ series to be IP68 weather rated. When you install a Clinton BZ bullet camera, you no longer have to worry about your installation in adverse weather conditions. No more caulk or RTV— just mount the camera and walk away confident.

Quick & Easy Installation

Not only does our BZ mounting plate mount to a wide variety of electrical conduit boxes (Single Gang, Double Gang, 3¼” & 3½” Conduit Boxes, or 4” Octagon/Round style Conduit Boxes) — it also features our new innovative mounting hook design. The mounting hook lets you affix the BZ bullet in place, allowing the installer to use both hands for screw fastening.

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