Dura-Line PowerPath

Provide power over distance with Dura-Line’s PowerPath, a single bundled product providing both power and bandwidth. Smaller than the diameter of a dime, the unique construction combines two 20 AGW insulted copper wires for low voltage power and a 5mm MicroDuct for fiber placement.  Ideal in POE environments where DC power is required at distances greater than 300 feet with installation performed by low-voltage contractors. The MicroDuct pathway is riser rated to UL 2024 for interior use and provides protection and fast installation of a single fiber for connected devices.   PowerPath is a perfect solution for security systems, industrial and home automation systems, and endless current and future applications as more devices become connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Dura-Line is a leading manufacturer of communication products including conduits, MicroDucts, and FuturePath that provide for protection and fast, safe installation of communication networks.

For more information: www.duraline.com