Future Automation- PS Bracket Range

The smoothest and most reliable products on the market, Future Automation’s PS Brackets are the custom installers best friend and a recent design update to the range has just made them even better. This range of Articulated TV Wall Mounts enables perfect parallel movement, along with the freedom and flexibility to view your screen in a variety of positions.

They are perfect for recessing screens in wall for a completely flush finish, either by themselves or when combined with Future Automation’s new WB21, WB26 or WB31 In Wall Mounting Boxes.

Each PS Bracket is compatible with different height wall boxes in the range, to allow for greater vertical and horizontal mounting position adjustment and all PS Brackets now ship with a stud rail mounting kit to enable easy on wall fitting, as well as featuring in built cable tie anchors for neat and simple cable management.

Each bracket allows up to 50° of turn and the range caters for screens from 40″ – 110″ with an on wall bracket depth of only 2″.

Their new cross compatible in wall boxes feature single stud fitting, accessory mounting hardware (compatible with Samsung One Connect, Apple TV, Roku, HDMI baluns and much more) and multiple J-box mounting positions.