Millson WireFrame™

When Millson introduced CinemaFrame™, we created an entirely new way for Integrators to deliver high performance entertainment.  Now we are changing the game again with the introduction of WireFrame™, the first structured wiring panel solution designed from scratch by Integrators, for Integrators.

While the industry has engaged in a race to the bottom, in an effort to commoditize structured wiring panels and make them as low cost as possible, Millson has taken an entirely different approach.  We created WireFrame™ to be a premium offering, consciously designed to allow Integrators the opportunity to offer a compelling, high-performance solution exclusive to our channel.  Highlights of the WireFrame™ solution include:

  • Ultra-premium components deliver long term reliability and clear differentiation from economy solutions
  • Universal mounting system supports internal components including modems, routers, power supplies and fiber converters
  • Hidden Remote Management Panel preconfigured to accept on-site management PC and remote monitoring hardware (Domotz, Ihiji, etc.)
  • Power Distribution Module provides internal power for Data Switches as well as Web based reboot of individual devices
  • Feature rich, high-quality distribution modules for Tel/TV/Data/POE
  • Supports multiple incoming services including Coaxial/Category/Fiber
  • Offered direct to integrators. No distribution, no online sales, no published retail price.

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