Protech SOLARIS – Long-range Wireless Active Infrared Barrier

PROTECH is a leading manufacturer of perimeter security systems that are cost-effective and feature the industry’s most advanced technologies when it comes detecting intrusions against unwanted attacks. Fence-mounted sensors, infrared invisible fences, dual technology military grade motion sensors, bi-static microwaves and video analytics for object detection and tracking. A US-based manufacturer, we work with integrators, consultants, architects and engineers to deliver innovative solutions to a range of markets.

Outperforms the competition in all environmental conditions because NOT ALL INFRARED BEAMS ARE ALIKE.

Is your perimeter security system performing at 100% reliability?

When it comes to Active IR Barrier solutions to protect your facility’s perimeter, SOLARIS from PROTECH is unmatched for fast deployment of perimeter detection.

  • Infrastructure-free installation and maintenance – rapidly deployed compared to hard-wired systems; no wiring or power required
  • Solar-powered – Solar panel on top of the tower with battery provides guaranteed performance and run time
  • Robust performance in all environments – proprietary design features anti-condensation caps to prevent moisture build-up
  • Dynamic Radio Network – Each tower transmits and receives 915 MHz AES 256 wireless encrypted communication with a 360 degree 1,000 ft. line of sight
  • Integration – connects to existing security systems, through relay outputs

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