V5 Systems V5 CAP with Integrated PTZ Camera

V5 CAP with integrated PTZ camera

Turn virtually any surveillance camera into a self-powered, portable, wireless, compact unit that can monitor any outdoor area with the V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP).

Tedious trenching for power and communications will be a thing of the past. This platform provides a wireless, self-powered outdoor security platform for 3rd party camera integration. Platform highlights:

  • Power: Combination of bullet resistant solar technology paired with V5 Systems’ proprietary power management system
  • Communications: Wi-Fi, cellular or radio frequency
  • Power Status information: View battery status of deployed units through V5 Systems free web UI
  • Storage: Up to 1TB (approximately 1 month of video storage) on the device itself
  • Lightweight: Weighing approximately 25 lbs
  • Quickly Deployable: Can be configured and installed in under 30 minutes for quick, IT-friendly deployments

These portable solutions eliminate the need for trenching and the headache of integrating off-the-shelf components, vastly reducing cost and time. Be on the forefront of innovation, have a competitive edge and bring video surveillance to any outdoor area without the limitations of fixed power and connectivity.

For more information, please visit our website: www.v5systems.us