Z-Wave Alliance- Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT)  

The award-winning Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT) was developed by the Z-Wave Alliance to help installers save time and money by providing the ability to test a Z-Wave network prior to completion; insuring a robust, reliable mesh network and ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems.  With the latest capabilities & offerings, the Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit is a powerful, versatile tool for every installer:

  • Comprehensive network diagnostics & device management, accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Rapidly identifies potential problems
  • Spectrum analyzer shows noise in the Z-Wave channels
  • Routing table displays which nodes are neighbors
  • Network map graphically displays how nodes are connected to each other
  • Z-Wave network sniffer (ZNiffer) will show what is actually sent by nodes and identify the type of message
  • Displays advanced node information such as device version, battery level, Z-Wave library version, and more
  • The CIT may be left at a site for long-term testing allowing you to
    connect to it remotely
  • The CIT is Z-Wave Plus certified as a controller
  • As a fully capable controller it can set configuration parameters, associations, apply firmware updates and communicate with all nodes on the network, including those using Z-Wave S0 security
  • The CIT comes ready for several user interface languages for worldwide use including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, & Chinese
  • The CIT is available in three Z-Wave module editions; giving it the ability to operate with any Z-Wave frequency group in the world

For more information: www.z-wavealliance.org